StrikeHold® is a fast-acting, penetrating compound that cuts through dirt, rust and corrosion, quickly reaching into metal parts that have become frozen or encrusted. StrikeHold® provides a long-lasting dry lubricant which reduces friction. Dries out wet electrical gears and other water-sensitive parts and will actually improve electrical performance by cleaning and protecting contacts and internal parts including circuitry and connections. StrikeHold® protects by providing a shield-like film against the effects of moisture and corrosion, even against saltwater, whilst repelling sand, dirt and dust.

Our StrikeHold Story

Our company, Alpha LED Lighting, discovered StrikeHold approximately 8 years ago as we were trying to find a solution to avoid draining water out of swimming pools when installing our pool lights. We found upon testing, that StrikeHold allowed us to use our battery power drill under water for over 5+ minutes and it continued to work afterwards, simply by spraying the drill, inside and out. The capillary crawl of the Strikehold then gets into all of the mechanical parts and creates an instant waterproof barrier.

It was an amazing find! Drilling under water and in a wet environment has not only improved our service but it has also saved our customers time and money as they do not have to refill their pool afterwards with water and add extra, costly chemicals.
We connected with the manufacturer, based in USA, over 7.5 years ago and have been extensively involved in the further development of StrikeHold since then.

StrikeHold’s History

StrikeHold was developed and tested by the US Military as a weapons cleaner and used in active service in Afghanistan. See our testimonials from USA. As a gun cleaner, StrikeHold cleans, lubricates and, as it has a dry finish, it does not attract dirt and sand which in a war zone, such as Afghanistan, it ensured weapons did not malfunction and seize up. It made it a super-weapon against the enemy and saved many soldiers’ lives.

How does StrikeHold work?

StrikeHold has such great protection with its unique Nanotech dry seal which insulates extremely well up to 42,000 volts, protects against rust and saltwater corrosion. Customers have reported that they have virtually eliminated any warranty claims for rust and saltwater corrosion,
amounting in savings of hundreds/thousands of dollars. See testimonials from Crystal Clear Chlorinators who sell saltwater chlorinators and Dash Symons CCTV / Security company.

StrikeHold reduces friction long-term, by being an enduring and long-lasting dry lubricant.

➜ It displaces water, because it is physically heavier than water, meaning it dries out wet electrical gears and any other water- sensitive parts by pushing the water out of the way.

➜ StrikeHold also has dialectic strength - It insulates electric circuitry from water, up to 40,000 volts!! This means we can do all the crazy demonstrations involving electricity and water, and you don’t have to worry about any electricals jumping or shorting out.
(Plus, unlike the competitors, StrikeHold will actually improve electrical performance by cleaning and protecting contacts and internal parts including circuitry and connections.)

➜ One of our coolest benefits is that StrikeHold has capillary action. You can spray it in one end, and it will crawl and spread throughout anything, getting in all the tiny crevices and hard-to-reach places. Completely coating, protecting, lubricating and cleaning!

➜ It also gives a clear, dry finish. Once you’ve sprayed it somewhere, there’s NO sticky, oily, wet, or smelly residue leftover!

➜ StrikeHold protects by providing a shield-like film to prevent moisture and corrosion, even against saltwater, while repelling sand, dirt, and dust.

➜ Unlike any competitor, StrikeHold is completely non-flammable, so it is safe to use near sparks and flames. (We find this is a very popular feature among electricians!)

What else can StrikeHold be used for?

There are simply hundreds of applications for StrikeHold. It can be used on all metals and most plastics, to clean, repel moisture and prevent rust eg boats, jet skis, bicycles, motorbikes, agricultural equipment, fishing, electrics and electronics, to name just a few.

StrikeHold is a perfect long-term, preventative maintenance product and offers fantastic water proofing solutions. We have many happy customers reporting many great, cost-saving solutions for them.

For example, bringing garage remote controls, car keys/immobilisers, mobilephones back to life as it has the uniqueness of drying out the failed, waterlogged electronics to fully function again.

Marine – Any kind of watercraft + trailers. It’s great for protecting boats and jet skis from corrosion and tea-staining!

Electricians – It will protect, insulate, and completely water-proof circuitry and electric parts. (And AGAIN – It’s non- flammable!)

✔️ Bicycles, BMX, and Motorbikes – Great for keeping bike chains lubricated without that yucky black grease that is the norm.

✔️ Agriculture – Awesome to use on any heavy machinery. The capillary action means it will crawl deep into every crevice of your machines and last a long time!

✔️ Tools – Keeps any tools like hammers and wrenches from rusting, and completely waterproofs, cleans, and protects all kinds of power tools.

✔️ Cars – Can be used on any moving parts to keep things running smoothly and prevent any corrosion.

✔️ Phones – Believe it or not, Strikehold can and has been used to save smartphones that have sustained water damage!

Because of its capillary action, it crawls inside and displaces the water!

✔️ And MORE!

StrikeHold’s Future in Australia

Manufacture will begin in Australia in 2022 so that we can commence distribution of the product in bulk and to distribute more easily throughout Australia, New Zealand & Asia Pacific.   What are you waiting for? Buy your bottle today to test!